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70 Establishments in OrMin undertake Enhanced Phil-Job Net, PEIS and PTMI Orientation

During the Productivity Caravan done by the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB) /National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) MIMAROPA Region on June 14, 2017 at Vencio’s Garden Resort, Tawiran, Calapan City, 70  participating employers were also oriented on the Enhanced Phil-Job Net, PESO Information System (PEIS) and Philippine Talent Map Initiative (PTMI).

The orientation conducted by John Christopher Gunday, Information System Analyst II of DOLE MIMAROPA Regional Office assisted by Mary Ann B. Dudas, Administrative Aide VI of DOLE OrMin Field Office provided the employers/employer representatives knowledge on how the new systems operate which will be beneficial for them (employers) and the jobseekers. The new learnings they acquired will certainly contribute in the enhancement of labor market information (LMI) in the province.

For clarity, Phil-JobNet, is an internet – based job and applicant matching system which aims to fast track jobseekers’ search for job and employers. It provides jobseekers with a list of job vacancies posted by accredited employers, local and overseas manpower recruitment agencies, and employers with a registry of skills available in the labor market as indicated by the details provided by the registered jobseekers.

On the other hand, PIES is the enhanced version of the Skills Registry System (SRS) with main objective of providing up-to-date labor market information. It has the capacity to regularly track the employment status of registrants enrolled in the system, a vital move in linking the available manpower supply and industry demands. It also captures vital information such as vacancies and client transactions aside from the profile and skills of the jobseekers.

Lastly, Philippine Talent Map Initiative is a system which aims to identify and categorize the level of skills among the members of the workforce. The objectives are as follow:

1.    Self--evaluation - Using this system, an individual will be able to evaluate own strengths and weaknesses in terms of must-have competencies required by local and global industries.

2.    Program development – Guidance counselors/career advocates will have a framework in developing as robust career guidance program to improve career readiness skills of students;

3.    Curriculum development – The data/results of the study can be used as basis in fine-tuning school and training curricula to be more responsive to the needs of the industry;

4.    Bridging the gap – Using the results of the test, the linkage among key players in education, in government and in industry will be strengthened  in responding to current trends, issues and challenges that create or widen academe-industry gap, which in turn affect employability, work and career readiness, and workforce development of Filipinos; and

5.    DOLE, TESDA, CHED, PESO and DepEd  to have an empirical basis of LMI to examine the results of the talent mapping as a valuable tool in assessing and evaluating the core foundational skills necessary for both technical-vocational and college courses that are designed to prepare students to become members of the country’s workforce.




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