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DOLE, RTWPB issue new minimum wage rates in MIMAROPA Region

More than two years after the issuance of the last minimum wage adjustment under Wage Order No. IV-B-07 and after several consultations/public hearings conducted in the five provinces of the region, DOLE MIMAROPA through the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board approved on August 01, 2017 the new wage order prescribing new minimum wage rates in the region.

Under the new wage order, wage increases shall be made in tranches. Upon effectivity of Wage Order No. RB-MIMAROPA-08 or fifteen (15) days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation, a five pesos (P5.00) increase shall be implemented to all establishments operating in the region with ten (10) workers and above, making a P290.00 basic rate for an eight-hour work in the first tranche. The second tranche which will be effective on February 01, 2018, another P10.00 shall be added to the P290.00 making a new minimum rate of P300.00 per day.

Moreover, a twelve pesos (P12.00) increase shall be made by all establishments with less than ten (10) workers as additional to the existing minimum rate of P235.00 in the first, second and third tranche and eleven pesos (P11.00) in the fourth tranche. The three (3) tranches for establishments with less than ten (10) workers will be effective from February 1, 2018; August 01, 2018 and February 01, 2019 respectively, which will make a total of P47.00 increase or a P282.00 minimum rate.

DOLE and RTWPB MIMAROPA has even simplified the new wage order as the minimum rates are distinguished only by the number of employees unlike in the previous order where various sectors and areas of operation in the region were given different rates.

Section 2 of Wage Order No.RB-MIMAROPA-08 states that it shall apply to all private sector minimum wage workers in the Region, regardless of their position, designation or status of employment and irrespective of the method by which their wages are paid.

The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board-MIMAROPA Region chaired by DOLE Regional Director Atty. Alvin M. Villamor and composed of officers/members from employer, worker and other government sectors is mandated by Republic Act 6727 or The Wage Rationalization Act to periodically assess wage rates and conduct continuing studies in the determination of the minimum wage applicable in the region or industry.

DOLE MIMAROPA shall ensure strict implementation of the new minimum rate upon its effectivity through its Labor Laws Compliance Officers who regularly visit establishments or conduct joint assessments to monitor their compliance with labor standards. Workers and employers are also encouraged to take part in the implementation of labor standards. The department enforces legal action to those who violate them.


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